Kinetic Rope Information

What are our ropes made from? – Our synthetic winch ropes and soft shackes are UHMWPE. Our winch ropes are rated to 293 degrees farenheight.

Our kinetic ropes are 12 strand double braid nylon.

All of our ropes have a UV coating to help prevent damage from sunlight.

Why are our kinetic rope breaking strengths lower than some competitors?  – You will see some manufacturers use 12 strand single braid and some use a double braid. The single braid ropes tend to have a higher breaking strength than double braid for comparable size. The downside to 12 strand single is they just don’t hold up as well or last as long. They tend to fray easier and wear way faster. You will get 2-3 times longer life out of our ropes. For an in depth comparison of single vs double braid, click here!

What makes Crawler Offroad Kinetic Ropes better? There is a lot that goes into a rope. Many companies smallpicwon’t tell you, that certain things they do, actually lowers the breaking strength of their ropes. Colored ropes for instance, can be dyed or coated. Dying them, weakens them but is cheaper. Coating them, gets the same colors, and actually helps protect the rope from the elements, without weakening them at all. All of our ropes are coated. We use double braided nylon which stands up to wear much better than single braid. We sheath the eye splices on the ends of the rope to help reduce wear even further. Some companies coat their eyes, we just prefer something that slides better as the rope moves.

What kinetic rope should I get? It depends mostly on your vehicle weight and what you are doing with the rope. Use the chart below to help give you a better idea. Having more strength than you need isn’t as bad as not having enough. Also, consider the type of wheeling you are doing. Mud significantly increase the static weight of a vehicle, more than say rocks or sand.

This table is for recovery ropes not winch ropes which are rated differently.

What winch rope should I get? At this time, we are only offering 80′ 3/8″ ropes rated at 17,500#. The reason for this, is most 8k, 9k, and 10k winches can only comfortably fit roughly 80′ of rope. We hope to offer winch rope extensions in the near future.

What about warranty? We warranty all our ropes for 1 year from the purchase date, but if you ever have a problem, let us know and we will do what we can to help you out. We want you to be happy and secure with your purchase. See full details of out warranty here!

Do you make custom ropes? – We do offer custom ropes in various lengths and colors. Most can be ordered right off our site, under the custom ropes section. If you don’t see the size you want, contact us and we most likely can get it for you.