About Us

Crawler Offroad produces kinetic ropes and synthetic winch ropes for use in ORV and OHV recovery. We at Crawler Offroad are enthusiasts just like you. We know the importance of quality and longevity, especially when you are miles from anything, or even anyone. We have been there. From a day at the local offroad park to being 40 miles out of a small town on a trail. Getting stuck, is part of offroading. Being able to get out is another.

After breaking yet another cheap nylon strap on my last wheeling trip, in 2 feet of snow and temps reaching negative 28 degree, I finally decided it was time for something different. Something I could trust to get us out when worst comes to worst. Something I could put in my Jeep, and pretty much forget about, until I needed it, and not have to worry if it was going to get me out.

Our ropes are tested in real situations, by real offroaders. Selling online is not new to me. I have other businesses that I operate online successfully, and one thing I have learned, is the number one product I can offer, is customer service. It is by far the most important aspect of any business, and I assure you, Crawler Offroad is no different. We are here to answer questions and help, any way we can.


What’s in a name?

Most people would think the name “Crawler Offroad” has to do with rock crawlers. This is not entirely true. When I was a kid, my dad would take me out, at night, after a heavy rain storm to catch nightcrawlers for fishing. They would come out of the ground, and lay. You would shine them with the flash light, and grab them, but you had to be fast. They would be half in their hole and pretty much stuck. You would just keep a good tension on them, and they would pop out of the ground! When thinking of a name for this company, that popped into my mind, and the similarity was uncanny. So from then on, Crawler Offroad was just very fitting!